Together we go Global

We understand eCommerce fulfillment

We started Emoship with the goal of becoming your go-to fulfillment partner for simple, reliable, and affordable eCommerce fulfillment. We've worked in the cross-border eCommerce market for years and have gained an in-depth understanding of the shipping and fulfillment hassles. We, therefore, take on the mission of seeking solutions for businesses in Vietnam to start and expand their sales in the US market.

Success is when we build together

Emoship was built to support businesses in conquering eCommerce fulfillment's biggest challenges. We included all of the best values in our services, such as affordable costs, quick shipping, and cutting-edge technology solutions. We provide a robust, user-friendly platform where you can effortlessly oversee what happens with orders and inventories and then make every customer experience exceptional. We aim to establish a win-win environment where we can all collaborate and grow together.

Our mission

Fulfill more, stress less. We create seamless solutions with which all eCommerce businesses can easily manage sales and fulfillment operations in one place. We simplify all fulfillment processes with cost-effective and time-saving solutions, so you can focus on growing your business.

Together we go Global

We strive to become the most trusted fulfillment provider with customers who are eCommerce businesses around Southeast Asia. We want to bring our technology to connect prestigious partners in the region to facilitate business expansion globally.